precious metals


Ron Koppelberger

Summer Rain

The quavering servant
In plain trappings and sane
Wrappings, a bond of ballast
And a secure tempest
In terrors of torn stitch
And worn, which in
Beginnings of slavery define the
 Bravery of riots in summer rain.

Ron Koppelberger
4192 Acorn Ave.
Bunnell Fl. 32110
Ph: 386-437-9118
Sacred Halo 

The thrust of rust
And throngs of thrill
In the silken sash of shrewd
Passage and bridled rampage,
A conflagration in orange glow and
The seed we sow, in
Amber almighty and certain
Sacred halo.
Ron Koppelberger
4192 Acorn Ave.
Bunnell Fl. 32110
Fashions of Creation

Gospel and advance, seething,
Simmering and in dire dances that scorn the
Breech of evening ash and secret
Cashes in compromise.
An aggregate allure and a reflection of
Discerning luxury.
An interlude in countenances that
   Follow the fashions of creation.

Ron Koppelberger
4192 Acorn Ave.
Bunnell Fl. 32110
Ph. 386-437-9118
The Same

The trade in worship and wont,
Attentive certainty and vaunt, a fame in
Pact with tact and conviction,
Wanton fires and addiction, a
Sober mountain flow
In the soils of row and
Unchanging domain,
A fortune in that,
In the same.

From Ron: "I am aspiring to become established as a poet and a short story writer. I have written 100 books of poetry over the past several years and 17 novels: I have been submitting my work for the past year and a half. I am thrilled by acceptance. I am always looking for an audience. I have published 420 poems, 239 short stories, and 63 pieces of art in over 110 periodicals, books and anthologies. I have been published in The Storyteller, Ceremony, Write On!!! (Poetry Magazette), Freshly Baked Fiction and Necrology Shorts. Also I recently won the People’s Choice Award for poetry In The Storyteller for a poem titled Secret Sash. I have been accepted in England, Australia, Canada and Thailand. I love to write and offer an experience to the reader. I am a member of The American Poet’s Society as well as The Isles Poetry Association. I hope you enjoy my work. (My art is viewable at face book,
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